The back of the Willowwagon. The little wagon is just a humorus touch when we pull the wagon in the parade on the 4th!

 The pics just don't do it justice!

 Those are Ron's old leather fly nets as curtains for the bed.  We are still trying to scare up a double mattress and as soon as we can afford it, new floor.

We are still trying to get all of the old cabins sold as well as the cowgirl trailer, the Ken-craft trailer and the two horse trailer.  We would love to have a 4 horse trailer with living quarters and a truck to pull it and would be willing to trade for one - cabins, whatever.  We are definitely accepting donations of any kind to help us make our move to New Mexico. Business has been really slow and I'm getting discouraged that we might be stuck here for the winter.  We found a horse trailer with living quarters, but the girl wasn't willing to trade for a cabin. Darn. THE WILLOW WAGON IS FOR SALE! A piece of living history.  Ron has done an amazing job on the wagon and at some point we would love to have another wagon to redo.  Be sure and contact us at or call us at 406-682-5439.