My friend Rosemary Garcia hooked us up with this wonderful man named Sam that owns a piece of property just outside Mountainair on 70 west.  He operates a non profit organization which I will find out more about - we met Alex, Eli and Marie also and they are very nice. He has a nice little pasture next to a guy who raises thouroughbreds, so we'll talk to him about hay.  This is truly different country.  As soon as I'm done with this, I'll go out and take some pics.  The horses are happy, but the chickens have to stay in the horse trailer - some loose dogs around - they'll live - Ron goes out and hangs with them and takes them treats.  Sam was gracious enough to let us stay for awhile so I can do some more research on LC cause we don't want to get there with no where to stay.  Talked to a lady in Hatch - possibility around there maybe.  OK guys - looking for ideas out there.  The pics below are at Jim Whiteheads with his carriage horses and then the other pics are of Vaughn, NM where we parked behind a truck stop next to a railroad track. 40 MPH winds and trains all night - that was special loading the horses in that wind and then hanging on to the steering wheel on 2 lane road for 100 miles.  We can be reached at