It's been a harrowing day - first thing at first light horses were out - then we discovered that our batteries were dead - using the furnace too much while we took a few days off. So we already got off to a bad start - then tiny two lane highway for miles with semis trying to kill us - had to take two panic pills today and never did calm down - then we got lost and had to turn around - what a waste of gas. We think we've found a place in town for a blue flame heater so we don't have to use the furnace.  Not taking pics of this camp - too ugly, but I don't care - I'm out of the truck.  Off to Ft. Sumner tomorrow and maybe spend a few days in the park - I guess this is where billy the kid is buried.  Cute little town.  As we go along, we are looking to see if anything strikes us to make us want to live there.  Don't want to drive an hour to civilization ever again.  Well, at least we made to to NM without any major incidents.  Chickens quit laying eggs - too much stress I guess - I know I couldn't lay an egg under these circumstances.  Well, maybe tomorrow I will have some good pics.  If anyone out there as any input on either motorhomes or nm, please let me know - or if you just want to chat - email me at