Woke up to a beautiful desert sunrise!  Decided to go to Belen to get supplies - the big city!  On the way home, picked up hay - that's where we saw the unique motorhome with cadillac front. Went to Wells Fargo - still trying to collect on a bad $300 check a old cowboy wrote for an antique saddle of mine. When we came out, there was this antique police car which was groovy - only $12k.  Had to get new shocks for the motorhome - man, the money is just flying out of the wagon account. Thank god for a generous donation from Joelle Courtois - a friend of mine in Paris.  It's a good thing we're parked, the gas is killing us, especially pulling the horses with a head wind.

Tomorrow, we're gonna saddle up and go see the junk guy yonder - maybe we'll see the wild horses.  Still haven't found a place near Las Cruces - you would think some dude ranch would love to have us there - Ron with a wagon and his stories, but oh well. I think we can stay here as long as we want, but we don't want to leave for any length of time and have someone else be responsible for our horses, so I keep trying.  By the way, WE GOT RUN OUT OF FT. SUMNER FAIRGROUNDS BY THE SHERIFF!!! Can you believe it - best camp we've had so far and oh no........you can't be here - this is county land! I thought it was an unwritten law for horse people to be able to stay at the rodeo grounds!!!