We went to Las Cruces yesterday to see my mother.  The trip was long, but we got to see some of the countryside. Driving in LC was a nightmare and LC is not somewhere we want to be. Picture of Ron and I in front of one of my sister's paintings. Picture of Sam and Marie eating my cowboy ribs. Painting of "dog" by me. Look at that little ant carrying off a piece of Lynn's cake.  Well, emailing people everywhere trying to find a place.  We like Madrid and Cerrillos, but too cold to stay in the motorhome during the winter - just as well be in Montana. Maybe we need to go to bisbee, Az if we're going to stay in this motorhome.  We can be contacted through rustycowboys@gmail.com  I was looking through a magazine and saw this picture of a man that looks just like Ron - can you believe it!