I just spoke to Sam for a few minutes. A kind soul just helping people.  Took a few pics around the place - our horses finally calmed down and started eating.  Going into Belen tomorrow and get some groceries and apparently there is a horse motel just down the street - we'll go down and see if we can buy some hay. In the meantime, we are hooked up to power, water and sewage - wow - did I say it before.....full bars on the internet - I couldn't even update the website this fast at home.  At one time Sam had a little gift shop at the end of the road, but it's closed now -apparently it still has inventory in it.  Up the street is acres of junk - they call him Popeye the junk dealer - we are going to saddle up the horses and ride over there.  Little nervous - they have a herd of wild horses behind this property - hope our horses don't feel the need to join!  We will be here a little bit.  Feel free to email us!