Although I had a great time with my family in Las Cruces, it was time to go - getting too cold and the furnace kept killing our batteries.  We camped at the trailhead at Canyong Baylor next to Organ (a ghost town). We had permission, but of course another ranger visited us that didn't know that, so we had to move.  I made a deal with a guy up the street, Weston - great guy.  He had an RV park in Organ with knee high grass for the horses, so we dry camped and the horses did some mowing for him.  I was really terrified to go through El Paso on the interstate, but all other options required mountain driving, so I bit the bullet and off we went this morning. It was a white knuckler, but we survived.  We passed a time zone, so we pulled over early in Van Horn, Texas.  Pulled off a frontage road and found a water tank with a fence already up.  Wow, didn't have to do anything but put a gate up.

So far, we've found no place in Bandera and made no real contacts, guess we just have to get there and meet some people.  We hear that Texans are really FRIENDLY! I hope so, because we need some friends now.

We can be reached at 408-205-0997 or at