Valentine's day - shoeing JR is always a pleasure!  He is so tall, one has to barely bend over and delighted just to stand there - just have to keep Teri away from him spoiling him with treats. He forgets all about me and wants to be with Teri - well, in the end, she finally got him!  After shoeing, we grabbed Contino and rode JR and Contino to the fairgrounds and a nice ride around town. NO WIND! Any day in Ennis with no wind, is a great day! 

We are going to be photographed today by a photographer doing a documentary on "Characters in Ennis, Montana" - boy did they come to the right place - will post that as soon as it's done!  Been a pretty  mild winter compared to the rest of the world and enjoying it as much as possible. Hope everyone had as good a Valentine's day as we did!