This picture of the wagon is courtesy of   If you would like to hear the audio, email me at address below. Dakotah seems to be dealing with a bad situation well. Looks like the porch is gone and I guess he's going to be doing house work for a while. I'd like to know which horse decided to go on a joy ride!  I guess the frame of the wagon is tweaked and much repair is needed.  The folks in Sturgis have been fantastic in helping this cowboy out - thank you!  By the way, thanks Joe for all your help!  If anyone would like to help Ron out in repairing his wagon, any contributions either to him or through this website, would be greatly appreciated. If anyone else has any more information or pictures, please email me at or call me at 406-682-5439.  Also, if anyone has a laptop handy, it would be great to show Ron his new website - he's never seen it.  Thanks again everyone.