Well Jeannie announced she bought another carriage and horse - sight unseen - I think she was even a little surprised when they unloaded that horse. I personally have never seen a horse that big - "Critter" - I call him Tiny Tim - I want to ride him but gonna need a ladder.  He's just a big gentle giant, but every time he sees Ron with a bucket, he chases him.  We've had to be very creative in getting grain past him to the other horses.

Poor Blanco Billy Dagoata lost his manhood 2 days ago and it was just as hard on me as him - oh he screamed and then wouldn't come out from under the bus all day, but he's all better and is leaving my leg alone.

Ron and I were in the Bandera Mardi Gras parade - hired by the Frontier Museum. Biggest parade Ron and I have ever been in and the people are really involved and fun loving and excited.  I've never seen so many horses in a parade and of course there was a water buffalo and camel which are horses were not impressed with and Ron was already planning our escape, but they stood there with wide eyes. Good horses.

Pictures from the farm here too! Ron is lounging the stud pony - he needs to lose that baby he's carrying.  There's Blanco begging for his bottle of mile (we're up to 6 per day).The little stud pony getting a bath - of course he rolled after that and then it rained and well you know the rest,.

 Here's Blanco in his diaper which lasted all of 3 minutes.

MAY THE HORSE BE WITH YOU! Anyone want a baby pig or baby pigeon? We just had litters!  We can be reached at rustycowboys@gmail.com