Decided to take a day trip and venture up the turquoise trail - wanted to see Madrid and Cerrillos. Wandered through the mountains through little towns and past huge expensive gated communities. Pulled into Madrid - what a shock - all the color and art, the old train and this groovy little red wagon Ron found parked at the end of town - I emailed Madrid and ask them if it was for sale. Real Estate very expensive there and a little too hippy to consder being a part of the art community. Very groovy though - full of character and color. We did not go into Cerrillos because I found out that Mary's Bar had burned down.  On to Santa Fe - now you have to understand that all the pics I had seen of Santa Fe were quaint village with cobblestone streets - well we entered Santa Fe feeling like we were on the LA freeway with Burger King and Super Eights and you name it everywhere and traffic going 100 MPH - Ron and I are not used to traffic like that.  We were so rattled, we didn't even make it into Old Santa Fe. We also wanted to make it back through Alburqurqe before rush hour. Headed onto the interstate - OK until we got near Alburqurqe and 4 lanes of highway with everyone doing 75 MPH - I thoughtI I was going to be sick. What a day!

Well, we've made some sort of plan - go down near Las Cruces and find a place to camp so I can be close to my Mother through Xmas and then off to Bisbee, Az - very kool town with lots of galleries and interesting architecture - close to Tombstone.  Eventually, Ron is going to build another wagon and we will do wagon rides.

Today we went to the little store 7 miles from here and saw a pile of hay in some guys yard - so knocked on the door - wasn't the best hay in the world, but cheap.  Then went past an estate sale and I wish I had been there earlier - looks like an artist died and they were selling all her paintings, brushes, etc.  I ended up with two canvas.

It's hard and challenging traveling with 4 horses and we can't afford horse motels, but we need our wagon horses. 

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