Well, the weather is amazing - no wind - 75 every day. Got to cope with the dust though - don't stay clean very long. I primed two canvas today and hope to get them painted and out front. Off to get paint today to painte the floor in the store.  Yesterday, Ron shoed JR so I rode him awhile - what a mule - he's a tourist - got to look at everything and can't focus on what he's doing - makes me apprciate Yuma!  Took pics of Maybelle, the burro - what a sweetie she is - a resuce burro.  Now that looks like a 3 legged dog doesn't it - nope, Jac has two border collies that are a handful and to slow them down, he puts one paw inside the collar and when he wants to really slow them down, he puts both paws in the collar!

Dawn, my internet buddy of 5 years came by to visit yesterday - that was great finally meeting her - she's jut 10 miles up the road!

Hay is alot more expensive than Montana - that's because there is no vegitation for the animals here to supplement their feed.

Jac's father is arrving in a week with a team and a stagecoach and will see if he can get some rides going.  Ron is anxious to build another wagon, but we have to watch the money real close til I start selling something.

That's Jac up there on JR - doesn't JR look handsome!  That's Jac too, sitting under the tree - good looking cowboy down on his luck - we're all kinda helping each other.  There's the infamous water tank that everyone in Az has to haul water. $.75 for 300 gallons of water.

Another pic of the front of the store - or what's going to become a store hopefully.  We're sitting right on hwy 60 going into Wickenburg - should be a good spot.

We can be reached at rustycowboys@gmail.com