Well, we pulled up stakes in Wickenburg - nothing happening and tired of buying hay - you're probably sick of hearing me talk about hay, but not to worry - TEXAS HAS GRASS! Actually, leaving AZ and going into New Mexico - we realized that NM has more vegetation than AZ.  We also knew that 103 degrees in the summer wasn't going to be pleasant, so off to Texas.

Jayce gave up and decided to move too. Too much stress trying to hang on to that place, so they already had a new tenant, who begged us to stay....I'll bet, the money we were overpaying would have almost paid their rent.

Anyway - found a wonderful place yesterday 5 miles east of Safford, Az off highway 188 on a little dirt Road Number 83. Wonderful - overlooking Lake Roosevelt - we almost didn't camp there because there was a sign (see below) that said "NO CAMPING" - Ron threw up his hands and said let's go - I said - read the fine print. No camping within a 1/4 mile of a stock tank. Well, we saw old campsites all over the place. Right up the road was corrals and chutes for cows and of course, a stock tank - what are they afraid of, campers bathing in the stock tank??? Anyway, very quiet and peaceful camp in the beautiful Sonoran desert. Almost hated to leave, but Ron needs to bleed the brakes and we didn't have any brake fluid.

Now we are camped 20 miles outside Las Cruces at an old abandoned bar off 10 (exit 116) on the north side of the highway.  There is a Santa Fe train car inside the building. It is killer - there was a bar in the train - don't know why there is not a for sale sign on the building!

We don't know how long we're staying here - don't feel comfortable leaving the horses here too long and going into LC for any length of time - this building has lots of bullet holes - hope it's not a gang hideout!

Thank you Kim Montag for helping us out with all your contacts and suggestions!  Thanks Dawn for your friendship and support and helping get Maybelle a new home!

Below are pics of the sweet camping spot!

We can be reached at rustycowboys@gmail.com or 408-205-0997