Sitting in the motorhome today while it pours outside - a rare event here. It will keep the dust down I guess.  We've been so busy putting new brakes on the motorhome - that wasn't easy or cheap, but Dakotah comes through again - we are so blessed he's a mechanic!  We spend alot of time getting water down the street and then dumping into the big water tank on the property

You all know that big hat I wear??? Well, it seems no one from Montana to Az has ever seen one, so I put in an order for a bunch of them and after attending a bull riding event up the street here at Trails West last week - I made a deal with the owner to try and sell them at the Friday morning ropings - I have no idea how that's going to go.  The pics I have posted are of Trails West - very kool place.

A few days ago, we made a loop up to Yarnell (OMG the worst winding road I have ever seen - traumatized me to no end) to Prescott - not impressed and then found out from a local that it is a huge drug rehab center and they get out and go back to crime, so the crime rate there is bad - the internet made Prescott out to be this huge western town - wasn't at all what I expected.  Then on to Camp Verde which was also a huge disappointment, except for the very kool cowboy store where I found tons of decorated reins to make hat bands. Long day and used way too much gas - we have to curtail that kind of running around.

I used to live in Cave Creek when it was a sleepy funky cowboy town - wow has it changed - Scottsdale moved in and now it is a little frontier town with tons of galleries, so I am contacting some of the stores there to see if I can peddle my art and possibly find Ron a job driving wagon.

We don't know how long we can stay here because the young cowboy has fallen on hard times and don't know if he's going to be able to hold on to this place, much less pay the electricity.  We have helped as much as we can and dare.  He has a storefont I could use, but the traffic is going by at 80 mph and don't slow down, so I don't think I'm taking that avenue.  If we didn't have these 4 hayburners with us, life would be easier although not as much fun since we've been doing some riding.

Who knows, we may end up in Texas!