Well, we're still here and loving it. Still living in the motorhome which is a challenge, but better now that the goat has outgrown his cage and is now living outside.  Check him out taking a nap in Ron's chair - talk about relaxed.
Bullet's wife (the white stud pony) had a baby and apparently when mini horses are born, they need to be trimmed right away. There's Ron with the little horse under his arm. You don't see me with goat in tow, trying to keep the mother horse from trying to kick Ron's head off.  When we were done, we discovered a 300 pound goat in the back of my truck - there's Ron goat wrangling.

Remember the white mustang that no one could catch?  Well, Jeannie bought us a round pen and there's Ron roping the mustang. Finally got him caught and even got him saddled. He's finally coming around - it's obvious he's been abused and has serious trust issues, but Ron is gaining his confidence and we might get him gentled enough to find him a home.

Took the carriage into Bandera yesterday - no rides, but booked 3 weddings. Of course, on the way home, horrible thunderstorm and Ron got soaked.  Tomorrow we need to park the carriage in town and just transport the horses from now on - just too far to town.

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