Yet another parade in Bandera - this time in our (Jeannie Parker's) reproduction Concord Coach - isn't she a beauty - wish we could have had 4 up on the coach but we only have harness for two - everything went smoothly and we enjoyed a chuckwagon lunch by Kelly Scott at the Cadillac Cottage.  The gentleman holding up the painting is "Larry the cable guy's" uncle and he swears that Larry got his accent and humor from him!  Our stagecoach is parked in his front yard for now.

We are working hard trying to promote the stagecoach and trying to find a place to live with our menagerie before the 120 degree weather starts - hasn't been easy.

Jeannie bought yet two more draft horses from Ohio - that makes 13 now and 7 of them are here. Tried to lead one of them yesterday and she just walked off like I wasn't even there, so I'm not comfortable around them - give me a good ole quarter horse any day!

Will be putting Cisco - the white mustang on Craigs list soon - we don't need 5 horses.

If anyone out there took pics of us during the parade, please send them to