Well, we've been on the road for a week.  Had a blow out on the horse trailer the first day, so the first chance we had, we bought 4 new tires otherwise on these back roads, we would have blown them all out.  I have a new laptop and still trying to learn it, so haven't figured out the pics yet, but taking lots of pics.  For those of you who don't know, I have a phobia about driving, especially in the mountains and I'm following Ron in my truck - he's pulling the horses with the motorhome.  It';s been harrowing for me, so we are going slow and making early camps. Right now, we are parked in a field behind a grannery.  Haven't been run off yet.  The dog is scared we are going to leave her and the chickens are fighting, and haven't laid an egg in two days. An adjustment for everyone.  You have to be a rocket scientist to operate a motorhome and we are sstill learning, but Ron is so handy and knowledgable its great!  We sold the willow wagon to a woman from Texas for her bed and breakfast two days before we left.  I was kinda hoping to keep it, but it was a blessing - gave us some traveling money and won't have to worry about getting it down to NM.  As soon as I figure out the pics, I will put put pics. We are in Vega, Texas and headed to Morton tx and then into NM.  People talk funny in Texas.  We took the day off and tomorrow to do laundry because the wind is blowing 40 mph and I'm over it.  We left Mt because of the wind and it hasn't quit since we left.  Spent last night in a cow pasture. So all those years of Ron finding camp has come in handy. Ron says there is a big difference between 4 mph and 60 mph - everything is too fast, cant meet people, no scrounging, paying for the gas, etc, etc. but he is enjoying the luxury of a hot shower and a nice warm bed and cold beer.  OUR NEW EMAIL IS RUSTYCOWBOYS@GMAIL.COM on the road and until further notice.  The Rusty Cowboy is still operational and Bobby is still taking calls at the old number 406-682-5439 and I check in with him on a regular basis. We are off on our big adventure.  Right now, Ron is sitting in the captain's chair - having a beer and listening to the radio.  Now just have to figure out where we are landing in NM.