Howdy - talked to Ron yesterday - he took the day off outside of Billings - he's not going to try to make Billings today because it's a monster. Had breakfast and coffee with fresh eggs. Did a bit of housework and worked on his amp meter, which by the way is not working.  If anyone out there knows about motors, please stop by Ron's wagon and give him a hand.

 People stopped by all day and gave him goodies.  The horses were hanging under big cottonwood trees and content.  He was all geared up to pump water into buckets and lo and behold, someone let loose the water in the irrigation ditch and problem solved!

I was worried about shoes for his horses and if he had enough for the trip - he goes through a ton of horseshoes, but he assured me he has enough to make it to Texas.

He's going to be staying with a friend of mine in Hardin, Montana and then on into Custer National forest which is no man's and - I'm going to start worrying a little about him out there.  If you see him out there, please email me at  -