Well, I just got off the phone with Ron and he had a good day! How lucky is he, finally found a camping spot across the interstate from a WAL  MART! He got on his bicycle and took a ride to Wal Mart.  Originally, some nice lady said she had a good spot in a park and Ron's instinct was No, no.  But, he went with it and saw a railroad track and the horses just parked their feet and all wanted to go different directions, anywhere but across that track.  Finally, with a little whip and encouragement, they went across.  Ron came upon a park where you actually had to REGISTER??? He said no thanks mamn and went back across the tracks and found a nice little spot off the interstate.  Early in the day, he met this nice elderly couple and this 88 year old man spent a good hour on the wagon with Ron and I think it probably made his year!

He's running out of oats, so I called my friend in Hardin, Mt to find out where the nearest feed store was, so he's going to find out for me.  We don't want Ron going into the badlands with no oats.  Do you know that 25 lbs is ONE feeding!

He said the wind was so bad last night (60mph) that he was worried about the electric fence so he was up in the middle of the night staking down fence.  He said the wagon rocked and rolled.  I asked him how the horses were (especially Ed, he's my favorite) and he said they were just standing there watching the traffic.

He's getting close to Billings - that's not going to be an easy day.  More tomorrow!

Happy Trails!