Well Ron had an exciting day yesterday.  He had to travel the interstate for a bit and the highway patrol stopped him and made him turn around facing traffic on the interstate.  The horses were not happy at all and it was a long hard day.  There was a fair in Billings yesterday and the horses were not impressed with the big aluminum elephants!  He finally found a very poor camping place in a ditch.  He was harassed and told that the horses were eating FEDERAL GRASS! Can you imagine!  He is across from the Yellowstone River.  People were stopping by all afternoon bringing him cherries, treats for his horses and other fun stuff.  The horses are exhausted and sluggish.

He called me this morning and was excited because he met Lee from LEE HORSE LOGGERS (check out Ron's link page for their link). Very interesting man with a wagon and 3 large horses.  Travels very differently from Ron, but the two wagonmasters got together for a much deserved a steak dinner and talked and talked away the hours.  Ron said it was so nice to talk to someone who knew what the heck he was talking about!

J.R.  is giving a hard time - has a bad attitude and Ed's shoes need to readjusted so Ron is going up the road and camping in a better spot so he can deal with the horses and talk to Lee some more. Ron solved the grain problem because some nice neigbor offered to run him over to the feed store tomorrow.  It's darn crucial that he get grain because it's supposed to last til SD.  The next week should prove to be very interesting when he stays with my friends in Hardin.  They have promised to get the press there and it should be a darn good photo opp!

Ron has figured out a solution to his motor/battery problems.  Use an Amish buggy motor!  But, do you think I can find one???  Anyone out there know anything about them?

Well, he's down for the night and enjoying a needed rest for him and his horses and visiting with Lee - as soon as I get the pics off Lee's site, I'll post them!

Happy Trails!

Wish we could get Ron some sponsors for that very unique wagon!  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know at stetson@3rivers.net