Howdy - after a brief stay at the Rusty Cowboy in Ennis, Montana, Ron Dakotah is on his way to Billings, Montana.  He is camped in a ditch 20 miles outside of Columbus.  He had an easy day yesterday, but had to go through 3 fences.  Lo and behold, while on the interstate for a brief time, the highway patrol came up behind him to give him the thumbs up - whew! What a relief.  While he was in 3 forks, the newspaper did a wonderful story about Ron.  Ron just had a birthday (69) and he is headed to Texas!  He's been doing this for 26 years and it doesn't look like he's slowing down.  While he was here at the Rusty Cowboy, I got to know this wonderful man and he is the real deal - taught me more about horses in 2 days than I could have imagined!  I was delighted to feed apples to his horses and got to ride his lead horse Ed.

Ron lives on his meager social security and camps only where there is grass and water because hay for 5 horses would bust his bank. Shoes for these guys is a big part of his expense, as well as oats twice a day.  These guys work very hard and need their oats!

If you would like to make a small contribution in getting this Americana hero to Texas, please don't hesitate! If you see him along the way - stop and chat, or offer him a pasture to rest his horses, let him know.  A cup of coffee is always welcome.

Ron and I talk every day, so if theres something you want to tell him, let me know!