Rainbow over the wagon! Been raining and windy here for weeks - summer just can't seem to arrive. Just a reminder of why we want to get OUT of Montana!  The wagon is almost finished - next post you will pics of the amazing work Ron is doing.

Been contacting people all over NM and Az - trying to figure out where to go, elevation, price of hay, climate, people. It's all overwhelming - we just want to go somewhere in the southwest for the winter and look around for where we want to be. The perfect situation is a ranch situation where we could work for lodging or just park a trailer with the horses in someone's pasture. Shouldn't be that hard. In the meantime, I have both my historic cabins up for sale; horse trailer (we need a 4 horse trailer); cowgirl trailer, etc., etc.  I hope everything sells because the thought of another winter here is intolerable!  If anyone has any great ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us at stetson@3rivers.net  WHERE IS SUMMER?