While driving the stagecoach in the Veterans day parade, Ron was dressed in all his fringed regalia with this old funky hat that I cherish.  Intriqued, an artist in Bandera took a picture of Ron and about a week later, called us to tell us she had done a portrait in pastels and wanted us to see it.  We were amazed, so had to buy it.  This is a copy - the original is getting framed right now.  We will be selling signed copies to pay for the original  - if anyone is interested.

Well, winter is upon us - we miss the wood stove in Montana.  Ron is working on the wagon, getting it read y for the Xmas benefit next weekend. Rigged with lights, music and bells.

Here is a picure of Annie Jane our pet hen wearing her tiara - I guarantee you've never seen that before!

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