Well, we are off to Las Cruces tomorrow - find somewhere to camp around Hatch, somewhere my mom can get to easily.  Tried to secure a place at the rodeo grounds, but they charge and it was very unclear how much they were going to charge and good luck getting them to answer the phone.  Tried contacting the Las Cruces Horseman Association for help, but no response - I am learning a very disappointing lesson - just because you have horses, doesn't mean other horse people are going to help you out!  We found that out when we got run out of Ft. Sumner rodeo grounds even though we were not using their facilities.  Something else I've learned......horse motels will bend you over! $20 per horse per night and then the RV is separate and no, no - can't use your hot fence and you have to provide your own hay.  Wow - I had that big pasture in Montana - I should have had a horse motel! 

The weather has been warm and sunny during the day, but down to freezing at night - bringing the chickens in with their cage at night. So we are heading south. We have a tentative position in Portal, Az - Painted Pony Ranch and wolf sanctuary. 600 acre ranch needs a ranch sitter to keep the cows in check so they don't destroy the property and regular maintenance work.  We were already headed towards the Bisbee direction.  The chamber in Bisbee didn't think a wagon business would work in Bisbee because of the hilly streets.  Maybe we can get Ron driving the stagecoach in Tombstone!

I want to light somewhere soon - you all know I hate driving and I need to start working - we need something to do - retirement is too boring and our wagon horses need to work, not to mention our income is next to nothing and hay is not cheap!


We can be reached at rustycowboys@gmail.com or 408-205-0997