Check out the new horses - big black percherons - all they do is eat! What a waste!

Blanco finds the hay nets and drags them around the ranch on his horns.  Blanco having his way with Gypsy  - obviously, he didn't get the memo from the vet that he's a unich.  Blanco likes to test his strength against our legs - I win so far, but he's only 4 months old - just wait.

My newest project - I painted a a burro trailer for Jeannie - she's going to pull it with horses - can't wait to see her going down main street pulling it with horses!

Ron is suffering from the heat bad, but keep reminding him about 9 months of winter in Montana which is still happening!

We went to Flying L Dude Ranch yesterday and we have a gig for the month of July with the stagecoach - we'll see how it goes.