Well, we bought a new horse trailer and a motorhome to pull it as well as a new laptop to keep in touch with everyone - whew! getting expensive - of course I had to sell my groovy 49' chevy to help pay for it. - The Rusty Cowboy is selling as much as possible to finance the trip and all our new toys and it looks like we are out of here middle october.  Cant seem to load pics on this computer, some sort of virus, so as soon as I figure out the new computer, will upload some pics of our new toys..  Of course, I'm terrified to drive over the rockies, even though I'm following the horse trailer.  Been desperately trying to sell the wagon, but no takers - we are still hopeful!  I really don't want to sell the wagon, but we need the money.  We will keep you updated on our new adventure on the road!  MY NEW EMAIL WILL BE RUSTYCOWBOYS@GMAIL.NET