We are at the ranch of Jim & Jeanine Whitehead in Morton TX - He is a wagon master and has some beautiful wagons and horses.  They are booked every weekend.  They are just the sweetest most helpful people. I want to thank them for letting us rest behind their barn for 3 days.  Pics of me on Jim's tractor.  There's Jim & Ron trading stores.  Can you believe that Jane jumped that high up onto the hay.  The chickens are in heaven and won't pay any attention to me anymore.  Ron working on the generator today to finally get that working.  So, leaving tomorrow towards Clovis, NM - we cant decide where to go first - probably Lincoln County and eventually getting to Las Cruces to see my Mother.  Wish we had somewhere to leave the horses and truck so we didn't have so much to pull around.  It's snowing in Ennis, so we left at exactly the right time.