Well, we were on our way to Las Cruces to see Mom and we got a call from Sally Canning at The Laughing Sheep Ranch to come by and see her, so we did a "uey" and went to the ranch. Wow - what a beautiful place! I was in hog heaven - sheep everywhere, cows, ducks, geese, horses, lamas and must have been a 1000 chickens running around as well as 5 dogs.  We had to leave our chickens in the horse trailer because they would have left home and we would never have been able to get them back.  Sally had just bought a wagon and a team of Belgians and offered us a job as ranch manager because her head cowboy was going off to get married. We met some wonderful, eclectic group people who worked there on the ranch and in the restaruant.  Now Sally is the real deal cowgirl (see the portrait of her I have up). She even flys an airplane!!! Sally is the kindest, sweetest human I think I've ever met - I was sorry to leave. She even offered us a wonderful apartment and salary, but Ron was concerned that the winter would kick our butt and I have to tell you that the road off the ranch was hairy and the closest town is Roswell - an hour away.  I keep telling Ron - I had a wonderful spot in Montana, so you better take me somewhere better than where I came from!.

Sally has wonderful vision - restaurant with great food and live entertainment on the weekends and she bought the wagon so she could do camp cookouts there on the ranch.  She's also building cabins in the trees overlooking the trout pond.  This is a wonderful place and if you get a chance, so visit Sally www.laughingsheepfarm.com or call 575-4041. Located outside of Capitan in historic Lincoln, NM.  Here are some pics!  We are now in radium Springs, NM outside of Las Cruces, staying on an acre pasture of a wondeful man named Vernon - he has reining horses.  We rode along the Rio grande river yesterday and it was beautiful. This is a wondeful community and horses everywhere!!! I'll take more pics today and put them up tomorrow.  We are having Thanksgiving with Mom in Las Cruces Thursday and then we have no idea what to do or where to go. We may head towards Bandera, Texas - cowboy capital of the world.  Don't know what's going on, but this morning, the chickens attacked Ron this morning -  everyone is stressed and losing weight except for Ron and the dog.  We can be reached at 408-205-0997 or through this email.