Well, after endless driving and surviving the Tucson interstate, I finally found a place we like. Wickenburg is very cool - very western and there are endless flea markets and garage sales.  I don't think I could find my way around Phoenix!  We are so close to everything, Grand Canyon, Cave Creek - I even saw a sign to Los Angeles! Wow!  The weather is 75 and beautiful.  We've been riding in the desert - the horses now are afraid that every bush has thorns and are leary.

We found this place off Highway 60 where ron stayed 4 years ago.  The same guy is not here, but a young cowboy by the name of Jace and he's a ferrier, and professional roper. He's kinda down on his luck, so he had an rv spot in the back and some ground for the horses, so we struck a deal and paid for a month.  Heck - it's expensive here - if we rent a house that has horse property, it would be an empty doublewide and cost $800 a month, so for now, we are content to stay in our motorhome.  Can't go anywhere anyway - brakes went out on the motorhome - so we're kinda crippled up.  I'll take more pics tomorrow and then take pics of Wickenburg.

On the way here we went through Tombstone - how cool was that! My kind of town, but I was disappointed that the town that Tombstone is in, was very small and nothing going on and out in the middle of nowwhere.  On the way out of town, we saw all these horses and trailers off in the distance and went to investigate and it was a big whoopy to do - mounted shooting - people all the way from Canada - big fancy trailers and such.  Anyway, here are the pics to date!

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