Well, the last few days, we just as well have been in Montana! Freezing and all the outside pipes froze and we ran out of water for all the animals here. Ron jockeyed water and split it up between all the animals - I didn't even get a shower to save on water.  Weird - here we are in a motorhome and we had water in our tank that didn't freeze and most of Bandera did not have any water.  We finally found water today at the local feed store thank goodness. We have around 80 animals to water, so we got it all done today, but yesterday, we went up the road to Jeannie's old place to get a wood stove, and took the tour of her other animals. Three pigs - one feral that she got as a baby, a buffalot and a long horn steer (they are having a baby - can't wait to see that baby). When we pulled into the property - Ron said, "look at the herd of bison" - they were a herd of african sheep - not a girl among them and they were old - very wild looking and they followed us everywhere looking for food.  Then we got to the goat barn where they just had new borns - Ron is holding up a baby.  It was absolutely freezing in that barn and as we were leaving, Jeannie discovered a baby that had a bale of hay laying on it all night long and it's legs were frozen - she handed the baby to me and said run for the truck, turn on the heater and start massaging his legs. I did and then she came over with goat formula and a baby bottle - I DO NOT NEED A BABY GOAT! Especially in a motorhome, but what could I do, I couldn't let it die and it couldn't walk.   The hay laying on the baby all night screwed up his legs, so Ron and I put splings on his back legs and we've been doing therapy with him.  He is just the sweetest creature.  Ron wont let me take him to the vet, so I'm on my own.  I have to feed him every three hours and when he can't see me, he cries. I no longer have a life.  He may not make it, but he is trying to stand up and keeps butting me for more milk and i turned my back for a second and he was chewing on my computer cord. HELP ME!  If he makes it and gets stronger, I'll move him out to the barn, but he just can't be alone.  I'm in love with this creature - his name is blanco billy and gives great kisses.

Well, never a dull moment around here, aside from trying to find water today, Jeannie has a wild white blue eyed mustang here that a girl was going to take, but of course, there was no catching him - two hours later, and finally we gave up, need to round him up into a pen - otherwise, she's never going to place him.