I don't know how Ron and I manage to find wonderful and interesting people, but we do.  Jeannie P. is one of a kind with a heart as big as Texas.  Lived for years in a tipi (I can relate), but her love of animals is what keeps her going.  She had a carriage business in Bandera for years with her vis a vis carriage and her wonder horse Comet. Her team of belgians that you see here in the picture - their names are "Lucken" and "Bach" - sweet, dear horses.  That's Jeannie and Wes on the circus wagon.  Wes is a dear man and has a longhorn steer that he rides - he was even invited to the Parelli Ranch to give a demonstration.  I will be doing a video of his steer as soon as it warms up.

Well, Jeannie needs help, so she invited us out to her place so we could help each other out and as soon as I touch up the vis a vis - we can get that going. I am encouraging her to get the paperwork necessary to get donations or grant because she needs the money for all these rescue animals.
Look at our windshield this morning - it is darn cold - I feel like we're back in Montana. Poor chickens - they don't even want to come out of the horse trailer.  Put some hay in there last night, but worried about them.  If it gets any colder, I'm bringing them in in their cage.  They finally started laying eggs  - they are delicious. 

Well, I think Ron and I finally found our niche.  Now we can look for a home.  I think as soon as Ron starts driving the carriage in Bandera, we will make friends and word of mouth is the best way to find a place.

We have an address now, if anyone needs it please email me at rustycowboys@gmail.com -