Well, you all know how hot it is in Texas, but we just keep reminding ourselves how bad winter is in Montana.  I've put both cabins up for sale which includes all the inventory - that would be a load off my mind.

Our boss wants to build a frontier town which would be very, very cool.  She bought a piece of property near our new little cottage - Yes, I'm finally going to get out of the RV and into a normal house in town with pasture.

We are very, very busy running the stagecoach and taking care of Cadillac Ranch and I'm overwhelmed with making my new fur purses and it looks like the local merchants are going to be hiring me to make nativity cutouts - how kool is that!  Coming up Labor Day, we will be in the parade and the local gunslingers will be robbing our stagecoach of jerky - one of the sponsors of Celebrate Bandera is a jerkey company and they may use us in a commercial.

On a sad note, we lost Cheyenne (our 16 year old dog) last night - she died peacefully in her sleep - at least she won't be suffering from this horrible Texas heat anymore!  Heaven is right around the corner.

In addition to making exotic purses - I have a whole family of cowboy cutouts ready to be distributed - check em out!