Photo courtesy of Shawna Roghair & Family.

Ron was shoeing his horses hear Oakton, SD and 3 little girls showed up on a black horse to watch him.  Mom and Dad showed up also to give Ron some wonderful homemade pickles and beef jerky! Yumm.

Well, the last 3 days have been a nightmare for Ron because of the weather - the horses have been wet and miserable and the wind has been non stop.  Dakotah is ready for this to be over.  He will be in Kimball tonight and then his destination of Whitelake tomorrow afternoon.  Then, we start the process of getting the whole outfit back to Ennis, Montana.  Ron found me an awesome truck at Don's Ford Mercury in Chamberlain which he will pick up in the next couple days and we will use that to tow the wagon back to Mt.  Andy, Ron's son will be with us.

Ron will be so happy to get to White Lake as he is running out of peanut butter, oats and firewood - the staples of life.  If you see him along the road, say howdy and if you take pics, please email to me at

End of the Trail