Posting the pics of that great cowboy store in Camp Verde! The Rusty Cowboy on steriods! Didn't get the name of the place, but it's on Main Street - you can't miss it. Rows of beautiful saddles and bridles, old hats and boots, spurs, collectibles - you name it and all very reasonable.  I got excited when I saw a pile of old broken, decorated reins to make hatbands for my big hats, which by the way - I took to a roping up the road yesterday and no one was interested. Don't know if it's the time of year or just not the style. I'm not going to give up - I've had way too much good feedback on the hats and the reins ended up making great bands.

Ron thinks we should go to Quartzite to sell our hats, but I hesitate to take this "dog & pony show" on the road again until I do some research.  We understand that there is 70,000 people there in January and Feburary.  If anyone out there knows anything about Quartzite, please let us know.

Got a call from a girlfriend last night from Wisconsin (-12 ouch) who might have a job for Ron - driving for the Sombrero ranch in the Valentine's day parade in Tucson - that would be great - I'd like to look around the Tucson area anyway.

We've come to the conclusion that livestock in the desert is a rich man's deal. We need to find vegitation! But, we certainly are enjoying the temps and the afternoon rides through the desert.

We're waiting for Mike "george" Wade to show up - old, old friend of Ron's from childhood in South Dakota - he's in the area, going to a RV show in California.

Heres the pics of the cowboy store! We can be reached at