Ron & Teri in the Ennis, Montana 4th of July Parade.  The whole dang family was in the parade. The "Willowwagon" was a huge success, but unfortunately we didn't win - I'm very disappointed that the Bozeman Tea Party won the parade on a political platform. Oh well, we had fun and everyone got to see the wagon and all the work Ron put into it.

 Ron looking like his old self!

 Check it out - our little wagon that Ron made on the back of the Willowwagon - Contina (on the right) was not impressed at all.

We do have a bite on the wagon - it's just a wait and see game.  It's parked out in front of the Rusty Cowboy with a for sale sign on it. If we don't sell it soon, maybe take it up to Jackson Hole and park it on the street for a minute or two.

Well, it's back to the grind now and will post pics soon of what else is going on.  Want to talk to us,