This is most likely Ron's look when he saw the wreck! Dang horses!  Well the folks of Sturgis are awesome! A whole crew came together to fix Ron's wagon and after a hard day's work by all, the wagon is better than ever!  There is now a toggle switch on the brakes so there will be no more "joy rides".  The welder who worked so hard would not accept any pay, except a firm handshake and a promise from Ron that he would stop by the preschool on the way out of town and give the kids a wagon tour.  Thank you Sonny Shattuck for calling me and offering to come with truck & trailer to rescue Ron - you're awesome.

Uncle Jim will be taking pictures Friday morning as he pulls out headed to the VA in Fort Meade.  The horses have lost alot of weight so he has more hay coming in this morning. Some kind soul was delivering doughnuts to Ron when I was talking to him. Off to sugarland again!

Well, it looks like this little joy ride is gonna cost him around $800 - ouch!

Thanks to everyone!

Happy Trails.