I just got off the phone with Ron and he's pretty shaken up.  Apparently, while he was in the feed store in Sturgis, the horses took off with the wagon and the only thing that stopped them was a huge sign.  The horses went down. JR has a chunk of wither's missing and the horses are so freaked, it's hard to get near them.  The wagon is in pretty bad shape, tounge broken, porch gone and alot of other damage.  It seems the sign was worth $3,000 and Ron is probably liable. The nice man in Sturgis that owns the sign was kind enough to let Ron put his horses on his land and the nice people at the feed store have been very kind indeed.  If anyone out there has pics of what's going on or can tell me anything, please email me at stetson@3rivers.net or call me at 406-682-5439.  Thanks to everyone who is helping him. I wish I was there.