Dakotah & Teri in Sturgis, SD.

Check out www.myspace.com/rondakotah - click on "Trails End".

Yesterday was a terrible day for Dakotah - wind blowing so hard, it blew him into another time zone. How bad was the wind? Blew rocks and debris at the horses so hard that they bolted and took off down the road.  Ron was a little shook up last night.  Today has been an easy pull and when I talked to him a few minutes ago, he was hiding behind a grain elevator out of the wind.  He is half way to Vivian where he hopes he can find gas for the chain saw and some groceries.  If anyone sees Ron or takes pics, please email me at stetson@3rivers.net . A big THANK YOU to Brenda Daniels for taking pics for me and chasing Ron down and giving him home made cookies and treats for the horses. You made his day!

End of the trail Dakotah -get back to Montana.