This is a picture I took when I was at the wagon in Sturgis.

Well, once again Ron meets with unfriendly authorities and has been run out of Phillip.  Ron is really surprised this time. Complaints about the horses in the ditch - worries of them running on to the road. However, on an up note, Ron got to spend time with a childhood friend Sonny and talk over old times. Ron is now going up the road to Midland, SD and let the horses rest there.

Ron needs to get to Plankinton, SD by 9/15 in order to pick up Andy, his son, who is flying in from England to visit.  At that point, Ron would like to move the whole operation back to Ennis, Montana and the logistics are overwhelming.  If any of you wonderful people out there have any great ideas to help Ron out, it would be greatly appreciated.  You can email me at and I will put you in touch with Ron.

Hee Haw