Dakotah and Rick "Hawk" Hurst coming into the driveway of the Rusty Cowboy. I got a call from a girlfriend that a mountain man was coming up the road from Cameron dressed in mountain man garb - of course we were intriqued.  Ron decided to ride out and meet him on the road and ride back (we have the most interesting people stop in at the Rusty Cowboy).  Imagine my surprise when Ron rode in with Hawk - an old friend that I did a movie with in Nevada City, Mt. 10 years ago!!! The name of the movie was Murphy's Law (don't look for it - it never made it). Hawk's horse had had a bit of an accident and was in need of oats. Hawk stayed over with us and had cowboy ribs and next day took off with Ron riding with him.  Hawk started his ride at the Mexican border and is on his way to Texas. He will pick picking up another horse in Three Forks.  RIKHAWKHURST.OWSS.ORG.  It was good to see him again and we will keep in touch.

 Hawk with his pink appalosa. His garb is 1800's authentic.  Had a wonderful US calvary canteen which leaked.  If anyone sees him on the road, please let me know at stetson@3rivers.net

We are still trying to sell down inventory and find a gig in NM - the Willow Wagon is getting alot of attention and had a couple of bites.  I'm working on the Cowgirl Trailer and have had a couple offers. Hot, Hot more hot, so Ron is riding in the morning early - putting alot of miles on Yuma, who seems to be a whole different horse now.

Happy Trails and if you want to contact us - stetson@3rivers.net or call 406-682-5439