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Dakotah and his boys are resting comfortably in White Lake, South Dakota. The horses need to hair up because it's getting colder there.  Ron is working on the wagon to get it ready to pull behind my truck.  Billy Clark and I are leaving Montana Monday morning with horse trailer in tow to pick up Ron's horses.  Billy will return to Ennis with the horses and Andy (Ron's son) and I will pull the wagon back to Montana. Of course, I would rather have a flatbed to do it, but we can't find one, so we are going to do frontage roads slowly.  We will be stopping to visit along the way, the the trip will take awhile back to Montana. A flatbed would have made it so much more simple and faster, but the wheel base on Ron's wagon is 8'.  If anyone out there has a flatbed headed to Montana that can accomodate the wagon, give me holler at   Next week, look for Home on the Range on the side of the road headed for Montana!