Photo courtesy of Rod Argello.

Hi Teri,
      My name is Rod.  I just spent the past 20 minutes looking at your website. I do believe it is one of the most rewarding and down to earth sites I've ever visited online. I have to tell you the story on how I happened to find out about it.
      First let me say I am have a small construction company in New Underwood, South Dakota,,, a small town of about 450 people. This explains the "why's and how's" of the rest of the story. Yesterday I get a call from some people in Hermosa, SD, (another small town of maybe 200 people), who needed an estimate on hail damage from a recent storm we had in August during the Sturgis Bike Rally.  Well I am pretty busy right now but decided to meet them on short notice as they seemed pretty desperate. 
      The building with hail damage is located just south of the Buffalo Chip Campground in Sturgis, SD.  We are currently doing a addition/remodel on a house about 20 miles East of Union Center, SD that was built in 1913, which is about 40 miles from our home in New Underwood as the crow flies or 70 miles East of Sturgis. Anyway I decided to take the long way around through Sturgis to do the estimate and continue to the job on highway 34,,,,,about 140 miles total, one big loop.  Now I don't travel these roads very often, but always enjoy the scenery when work takes me on roads otherwise not traveled.
      About 5 or 10 miles East of Sturgis I all of a sudden see something bright red on the horizon about a mile or two ahead of me,,,, first thought was "it's a small barn off the side of he road, no big deal",,,,,, then as I get closer, I realize this barn is moving,,,no way,,,but sure enough it is, I thought it was an optical elusion or something,,,,I even squinted my eyes to get a clearer view, as I'm still a half mile away from this thing, and I'll be damned if what I still think is a small barn is actually moving. Now I wasn't sure what to think, so I slowed down as I approached this thing, and began to realize I wasn't going nuts. This thing is really moving and is being moved by horses.  I was so intrigued by this sight in front of me I couldn't bring myself to pass it just yet, that and the fact that another oncoming car was approaching from the other direction. The car passed but I still wasn't done staring at this very unusual sight in front of me. So I followed for a couple minutes as I was trying to get my camera to work that I try to keep on hand in my truck.  I knew I couldn't  stay behind him very long as I was already late getting to the job due to a last minute estimate, and I still had a good 50 or 60 miles to go. But I wanted to look more so I thought I'd take a couple pics to look at later and show my wife. I knew she would think this was cool too.  So I snapped a couple shots and slowly passed.  As I passed I saw the details of this moving barn with an American Flag flying high above it, something that looked like a smoke stack or chimney  and this bearded gentlemen at the helm of this thing with what looked like a horse led at the side and a team of 4 more in front.  Now I'm really thinkin "what's this crazy ole guy doin? Where's he headin?" "Is he coming from some rodeo or shindig and heading home locally?" It became obvious to me that this guy has set this thing up to stay in when he takes it places. So now I decided to pull way ahead of him and get out of the truck and take a picture of him heading towards me. I did, then gave quick wave to him to let him know I wasn't some crazy guy, but just someone taking a picture of his very cool looking  contraption.  So then back in the truck and off to the job.  Later that day I told the homeowner about what I had seen and she said she had seen him too a few days earlier. I got home last night told the wife and my folks about it, told about the pics but didn't get a chance to show them.   Then today on my way to the same job, but now coming from New Underwood, a totally different route but still ending up on Hwy 34, I come upon him AGAIN, but he has traveled a good 40 miles or better since I saw him the day before.  OK now I'm really baffled yet impressed. This man is on a mission, he's not some local guy taking home his parade show piece or sideshow. So I take a couple more pictures as I pass this time with hopes that out of all I've taken both days some should turn out clear enough to make out the details of this 4 horsepowered home on wheels.  LOL,,,,,So to the job I go and on the way home tonight I was stopping in Union Center for gas and again this moving barn catches my eye, but now he is set up camp in the ditch across from the only gas station in town. How cool!!! By now it's starting to come together for me,,,,,,I'm figuring out this man is really living in this out of the ordinary wagon and is apparently going across country.  So I started the gas pumping and walked across the road to take some more pics to go with the new short story I'll have tell people about. As I'm taking pics I noticed the web address on the side of the small wagon he pulls behinds the main wagon.  OK,,,,Now my curiosity is maxed out. I couldn't wait toget home and check it out. Which is what I did thus resulting in the reason I am writing you, as you ask on your web site.  I just happened to snap some pictures of what I started out to think was just some local farmer or rancher out for a ride on his spare time project or something to,,, after visiting your web site, realizing how much more to the story of this man there really is.  And after reading some of the articles on your site, and realizing the journey this man has been on makes me wish I would have stopped by his camp in the ditch off hwy 34 in Union Center, SD just to say hello and introduce myself to him and say how really heart warming his story is, what little I know about it,  can't wait to go back and read more.  To think,,,,,,,,,,,,,this man or I should say Ron, now that I know his name, lives his life day to day all based on the simple things in life, the simple things in life so many of us take for granted.  The simple things that go back to the days and times when that's all people had to live by,,,the simple things. Kind of takes you back in time.  I hope more people get to hear his story, as I see it as an inspiration and uplifting story.  It's a story not heard of much these days, as society has us so wrapped up in the craziness that happens everyday.  Ron's story makes a person think of how simple life can be, how enjoyable it can be if we appreciate the simple things in life. A man and his horses on the road on an adventure! NOW THAT"S LIVING!
     Thanks for your time Teri, just thought I'd share this with you. For me lately, working on a home built in 1913, out in the middle of nowhere and now seeing and reading about Ron's life on the trail with his horses, reminds me of all the history and stories we learned growing up about how this great country came to be what it is today. And how good we all have it today compared to the days of the horse and carriage.  When you talk to Ron again, if you think of it, please tell him some guy named Rod from New Underood, SD saw him on his journey on his way to Union Center and that I wish Him the best and Happy Trails. 
     I'll send the other pics in another email.   I hope you get them, let me know and I'll resend them.   Thanks again for your time, Rod