STONEVILLE SALOON, ALZADA, MONTANA.  Dakotah called me from a bar in Alzada yesterday afternoon - I am assuming it was this bar - perfect for Dakotah don't you think? He's been out of cell range for 2 days and I only got to talk to him for a minute and he was not in a good mood - flat tires on his pick-up (bicycle) and flat tires on his horses.  He told me he was over it and can't wait to get to South Dakota. He was camped out in the Alzada Fairgrounds.  Ara caught up with him yesterday afternoon gave him his care package from me, and camped out with him.  Haven't been able to catch up with Ara yet to see what's going on.  I've arranged for a place for Dakotah in Sturgis and probably won't be talking to him until Belle Fourche.  If anyone out there see's him contact me at - or if anyone out there has a phone that works in no man's land have him call me collect!