Doesn't Ron look good in his pink shirt in the white carriage.  This was our madien voyage on the streets of Bandera. Everyone was happy to see Jeannie's carriage back on the streets. We will be using our team JR and Montana (Monty). Ron really doesn't like driving the Belgians too much, but aren't they beautiful.  We've been hitching them up to Jeannie's antique circus wagon.  She bought another Vis a Vis and it's supposed to be delivered today.  Bullet, her white mini stud pony is having his llittle wagon delivered and I guess they are going to teach me to drive him - it's too nerve racking for me to drive the big horses. Actually, driving Blanco the goat is more my speed. A wonderful lady who Jeannie just recently met came over yesterday and joined us for a barbque. She has driving experience, so Jeannie is trying to talk her into taking the Kerrville gig so we can have wagons going everywhere.

We got our first paying gig - The Pioneer Museum has hired us to drive in the Mardis Gras parade next weekend.  There's Ron waving and y''all know who he's waving to!

Anniejane (Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane), our beautiful chickens have been showing off their tricks to the new people and laying beautiful eggs and their combs have turned bright red - they are very happy, excepte when Blanco Dagoata is not trying to butt them. Caught Blanco doing a tap dance on poor Cheyenne's back the other day - Cheyenne is being so good about the goat, poor dog.

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