As many of you folks who have been reading my blog, will soon find out that this is now me "Ron Dakotah" - covered wagon guhru! I am delighted to finally get to speak via our wonderful technology! So here it goes...Billy Clark- a local cowboy came to Whitelake, SD on the 13th and picked up the horses, but most of all, he brought my precious sweetheart.  We had two days together before we had to pick up Andy (my son) in Sioux Falls, SD.  Lots of changes.  Horses gone. Andy is coming from England, Teri arriving from Montana, new pick up truck, life is great!  Headed out to Spearfish, SD on Saturday with Andy at the helm. Tried frontage roads - way too rough, so did the interstate - 50 mph, truck did fine, no problems. Saturday and Sunday at Uncle Jim's in Spearfish. Uncle Jim and Andy had a great visit - left Spearfish  Monday morning for Hardin, Montana to stay with friends Mike Mortenson and his lovely lady and visit with Kurt and we picked up a fantastic chainsaw from him. Visted Kurt's house and saw all his wonderful treasures. One of the highlights of my evening at Mike's was homemade apple pie with ice cream. Dakotah was in heaven, as Teri would say! Next day we were in Ennis around 3 p.m. - we pulled into Cinex station for gas and the wagon tire hit an abrupt pavement edge and snapped the tounge like a pretzel.  We were moving 2 miles an hour.

One of the great things about pioneer travel, you have the means to fix things with you.  We spliced the tounge. Took the makita drill and drilled two holes and bolted it on. End of story. We were gone. Went and got the horses yesterday from Billy's. They were happy to be happy to be in an area where they could actually stretch their legs. Weather has been cold and wet, so started graining them again. The trip was hard on them and being separated from dear old dad.

Anyhow thats about it. Enjoying the time with my new found partner.  We will continue to update you once a week with Dakotah's words - on my new life with the Rusty Cowgirl.This sideways pic is of me and Kurt Wilson from Hardin - the reason this pic is sideways, because Teri is like the rest of us - learning.