Dakotah back on the road again, shy 4,000 lbs. The horses are enjoying the easy load thanks to Billy Clark who loaned us the people hauler. What people fail to realize is, horses like us, are much happier with a job.  The weather has been great except for the wind...more wind than I would like. More like South Dakota!

We have been invited to participate with the wagon in the Christmas Stroll and will be hauling people up and down Main Street with the wagon. We took a test drive with JR and Monty and ran errands all over Ennis - the horses acted like they had been working the day before after having at least a month off.

Never a dull moment - from fixing chicken coop, tinkering on Teri's cowgirl trailer, cleaning up the property, fixing fence (Teri's horse and Yuma went on a walk about last night). Cleaning up and revamping the wagon. Getting ready for winter.

Went up South Meadow to get firewood and got half way up the road and Teri freaked out and we had to turn around - got some wood down below.

Check out the image section for pics of me doing the "domestic thing"!

Looking forward to the holiday season with all the pies and everything else that goes along with it, an can you believe it., Teri is not into sweets!

Ok, another day ahead of me of domestic bliss - keep checking back for updates - Dakotah is not gone.