Twin Elm dude ranch in Bandera puts on the qualifying races for chuckwagons.  I was a bit disappointed because they really werent chuckwagons, but exciting none the less.  Wes Hatch was there with his jailhouse wagon that I did the lettering on.. The Gunslingers of Bandera were there and put on a show.  I can't believe there weren't any accidents cause they were going full out!

On a sad note, Blanco is really sick - he has urinary calculi and can't pee - this is the third time we've had him to the vet and it when we get him back, he continues to get stones and can't pee, we will have to put him down - we can't afford the vet bills. And, since this is the only child I've ever raised, I've been very sad and beside myself to watch him suffer and little gypsy, his wife is very very sad too. Since our landlord's rat terriers killed one of our chickens and tried to kill our dog Cheyenne, it's been very sad and tense. Please everyone - say a prayer for Blanco.