Here are some more pics of our camp in Ozona, Texas - Very nice people - we were mowing their grass down for them.

We arrived in Bandera and went through rush hour.  Cute little town, like ennis, but more cowboy - we headed to the park, but it was closed because of a private hunt. Turned around and headed for the rodeo grounds - way too expensive. Then, we made the mistake of taking a windy, steep road looking for a place and it's all very private on the way back to Kerrville. It was getting late and I had, frankly lost my mind after that hill and we had to get the horses out of the trailer, so Ron found and abandoned road next to a ranch community and we tucked back in there for the night.  First thing this morning, of course, my worst nightmare always, a knock at the door from Sheriff.  His name was Clint Massingill and just the sweetest man.  We told him our story and he called the chamber for us and called around to some ranches that he thought we might be able to stay at and even offered to call the Salvation Army - I almost asked him why "do they have a ranch".  He was just concerned about us.  I've put some feelers out, we will see what happens.

So today, we decided we would be better off finding a place off the interstate, so between Kerrville and Junction, we pulled off - found a place tucked in behind the trees.  We will have to find water tomorrow. 

There are bones of dead deer everywhere - must be where they bring the road kill and there sure is alot of that in Texas.

We  need to get Teri and the horses off the road, so WISH US LUCK!

MAY THE HORSE BE WITH YOU! We can be reached at 408-205-0997

 ANNIEJANE trespassing in the motorhome.  Looking for marshmellows.

 Our boys in the field behind the truck stop in Ozona.

 You cant believe the things you see when you live behind a truck stop.

 This is the definition of "gnarly" - a tree where we are camped now off the interstate.

 Our little home in the trees.  The boys have been losing weight from being in the trailer too long - we had to kick down some hay for them.

 "Road kill" graveyard.