Well, the weather has turned hot, but the locals say this is nothing - summer is brutal and you should be submerged in water at all times.

We have eggs coming out of our ears and giving them away - Jeannie has a chicken coop and two roosters and the young one was miserable, so we let him out for AnnieJane - they make such a cute threesome - but the rooster is not in charge - Jane is.  We also had tons of baby pegions - yellow.

We let the Belgians all in together and what a show that was - kicking and screaming - lucky no one got hurt - we got the wild mustang and her girlfriend in a smaller pen.

Look at my new coat that I can't wear in Texas - it will be for sale.  See the painted boots - that's what I've been doing and looking for an outlet.

Bullet, the white pony was attached by pit bulls when he was young and it did something to his back, so every day, I bathe the back and treat with antifungal medicine - hope his hair grows back soon.

This weekend we will take the carriage into town and try to do some business - see how it goes - i guess me and the goat are going too!

This is a full time job - watering and feeding all the animals here and the three mules in town and Ron has to trim 30 head.  This week, it's worming everyone.  It's going to be fun doing the Belgians.

We can be reached at rustycowboys@gmail.com - MAY THE HORSE BE WITH YOU