Well, after believing that Blanco could be paralized for life and he might need wheels to get around, it just broke my heart, so I started massaging his legs and stretching his tendons vigorously much to his squealing.  Well it paid off, his one leg started to straighten out and he stopped dragging it, but the other leg was a concern.  I experimented with splints and the poor thing looked like the poster baby for polio goats!  Finally, I found the right splint and watch out - took him out this morning to pee - he followed me at a skip for awhile and then all of the sudden he took off running - I was praying for this day - careful what you wish for - do you know how fast a baby goat can run?  I can't believe he's only 5 days old.  I have to get up two times during the night to feed him his bottle and that will go on for another 2 months.  I need sleep!  He's worth it.

The little white pony is Bullit - little stud and his mane is down to his knees.  The white mustang is Ghost and is wild - I have him on Craigs List for sale.  They got out last night, got into our oats and poor Centavo (lepord appy) had a belly like a pregnant mare - Ron jumped on him and rode him good so he wouldn't go down.

We still have broken pipes and Ron is good, but he's no plumber, poor thing - so we hope we can find a plumber soon.

We're off to get hay this afternoon. More later.